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TourDash is a revolutionary new way to present targeted information within your Google Business View virtual tour allowing customers from around the world to interact with your business in a way that you design.

As a Google endorsed product, TourDash applies a layer of transparent code over your embedded virtual tour, it’s this layer that allows you to control how the user can engage with your business, with advanced navigation, tour rotation and hotspot technology bundled, you’re only limited by your imagination.

Throughout the virtual tour, users are presented with information about what they are seeing. This information can be text, pictures, YouTube videos, links to other web content, online forms, shopping carts, advertisements, announcements, coupons, and anything else you can imagine.
Advanced Navigation
Let’s face it, sometimes we just want what we want when we want it. Make it simple for those visitors that know what they are looking for with a simple click-thru tab navigation. Better yet, direct visitors to those areas of your business that you want to promote.

Interactive Hotspots
Use your tour as a point of purchase for your business. By adding interactive hot spots throughout you can show your visitor instant information in the form of text, images, or even video. They can even order directly from your tour.

TourDash gives you the option the enable spinning in your tour. Simply put this means that in any location your visitors view will gently spin. The rotation speed and direction can be set to any preference. Adding an automatic rotation draws the eye directly to your tour and engages your visitor like never before.
Embed to website and Facebook
Tourdash easily embeds to a website and Facebook page and we can take care of it for you. Engage your Facebook fans like never before. Facebook Example

Advanced Analytics
Not only do your visitors discover your business. Now you can learn what they are looking for! Using Tour Dash  Guide Analytics gives you insight in the behavior of your visitors. Which places do they go to? What items do they look at? Which products appeal to them? How many visitors is your tour receiving? After using Advanced Analytics, you will notice longer time spent on your website and higher conversions.

See your sales grow
Use TourDash to convert your visitors into customers. With TourDash, you can combine the business side of your site with the fun and easy use of a Google Maps Business View tour. In time you’ll notice both your online and offline business results increase through the use of TourDash.